7th EFQUEL Innovation Forum “Learning for Open Innovation”

…. Transformation and Change for Future Learning

5 – 7 September 2012

Granada, Spain



Press release, 12th of March 2012

The European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning invites submissions of research papers to the 7th EQFUEL Innovation Forum in Granada on the theme of “Learning for Open Innovation”. The EFQUEL Innovation Forum is a vibrant 3 day meeting of high level innovators from all over Europe and beyond.

This year’s forum is focusing on the following questions: How can we turn our traditional educational institutions into (r)evolutionary leading organisations? How can innovation be stimulated? It will observe and analyse how open innovation can be used to transform today’s educational institutions. Educational institutions have mostly taken an evolutionary approach to respond to the challenges of the modern world. But the incremental innovation of our educational institutions is not sufficient to cope with the on-going fundamental transformation of societies.

Change in most education institutions has started too late and is executed too slowly to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Only open, disruptive innovation offers higher education institutions strategic choices to overcome long-standing and deeply-rooted orthodoxies and to make them fit for the future. A key issue in this situation is to develop a balanced view on the topic from all perspectives: strategic, pedagogical, managerial as well as technological. We aim to bring in contributions from different domains and disciplines towards open innovation and quality.

EFQUEL seeks first rate research articles by academics, but also case studies and reflective articles by practitioners in order to provide a critical view on technology, development, implementation, strategy, management and policy in the field of innovation and quality of learning.

Papers should be submitted in two parts; a full research paper for possible publication in the first edition of the International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning plus an abstract describing how the findings of the paper can be presented as a discussion/workshop at the conference. Download the full call for papers and the submission form for entering a workshop proposal.

About the EFQUEL Innovation Forum

Since its early days, the EFQUEL Innovation Forum has been a highly interactive place for discussing future and innovative practices, research and policy developments in the various sectors of technology enhanced education and training. The 7th EFQUEL Innovation Forum, taking place from 5 to 7 September 2012 in Granada is a unique opportunity to meet other experts from Europe and other regions of the world.

Highlight: Opening Keynote from Tony Bates

The basic model of teaching in higher education needs to change, to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to fully exploit the potential of technology for teaching and learning, while still preserving the core values of higher education. Why change a model that has worked for 800 years? How to move innovation in teaching from the periphery to the centre? How to develop strategies for implementing innovation? What are the available scenarios for the future of teaching and learning in higher education?  Tony Bates shares his thoughts with you.

Pre-Conference Events

New this time is the first edition of the EFQUEL academy, which will feature a full day training course on quality assurance and feature a panorama of innovative practices in education. It will introduce theory and models for assessments and review practices on institutional, programme, course and individual level and will provide newcomers in the field with solid background information on the state of the art of European quality assurance in education. Download the introductory information package.

Next to this, on Wednesday the 5th there will be an open event organised by the VISIR project on the topic of “The Assessment (r)evolution”. VISIR stands for “Vision, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality for all”.  It’s an initiative of seven European networks and two research actors aiming to address three major gaps: the “understanding gap”, the “networking gap”, and the “mainstreaming gap” of ICT for learning in Europe.

More info via www.efquel.org

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