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Dear researcher with interest in innovation and quality in the field of learning and e-learning practitioners,
The European Foundation for Quality in E Learning (EFQUEL) will is preparing the launch of the “International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning” (INNOQUAL) which will provide an international perspective on the theory and practice of innovation and quality in the field of learning at all educational levels and in all training contexts.
One core mission is to create more open dialogue on research in the area. I am pleased to invite you to join the open discussion on five selected papers, which are candidates for the inclusion into the INNOQUAL inaugural journal to be published in April 2013. No registration, no downloads, no long review forms are needed. You can simply comment on the papers directly via google docs following our easy ground rules.
All five papers are presented at the INNOQUAL website:
• “Knowledge Exchange Across Borders – Internationalization of Open Education using Trusted Educational Networks”
• “Transtitution – Transforming higher educational institutions through modernization of middle management”
• •“E-Learning quality assurance as a tool for open innovation in educational institutions: an Estonian case”
• “A view on Personal Learning Environments through approaches to learning”
• “Evaluating teaching and management innovations in an online university: the case of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya”

Get inspired, support authors who are willing to make review procedures more open, find peers who are also interested in discussing research in this area openly.
Please note that INNOQUAL combines these open discussions with a double-blind review. Your comments will be taken in consideration by dedicated paper reviewers. You can learn more about INNOQUAL and our Hybrid Review Model online.
Feel welcome to let INNOQUAL know what you think and/or spread the word, e.g. via twitter using the Journal hashtag #INNOQUAL

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  1. Frank P. Schulte

    Thanks für the info. However, an URL would have been nice as yuo refer to “the INNOQUAL website”. Google is not sure either – is it Also, a real person as an author of this post would be an information which yould enhance its credibility.

    Just my 0.02. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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