Junior Research Group “Situating AI-based Mentoring”

ScaDS.AI (Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence) Dresden/Leipzig is a center for
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with locations in Dresden and Leipzig. It is one of five
new AI centers in Germany funded under the federal government’s AI strategy and is established as
a permanent research facility with currently more than 60 PIs. To promote research excellence in the
field of AI and data science, ScaDS.AI supports early career research group leaders in this field that
complement and extend our current research areas.
At the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Sciences, the Department ScaDS.AI offers a thematic call
to explore AI-based learning:

Junior Research Group “Situating AI-based Mentoring” (m/f/x)
(subject to personal qualification PIs are remunerated1 according up to salary group E 15 TV-L,
subject to personal qualification Research Associates are remunerated1 according to salary group E 13 TV-L)

The applicants should demonstrate research work on interactive and/or AI-based systems in situated
teaching and learning processes (in formalized education or another area of knowledge cooperation).

Find more details here:

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