Objectives and Topics

Recent developments such as Social Software, Web 2.0, mobile learning, and other currents of 'open' initiatives, i.e., open educational resources, open content, open access, and open innovation will be discussed in terms of their relevancy for learning, teaching and research.

What are the opportunities that arise from open access to knowledge resources with respect to the educational mandate of academic institutions? What is the relevancy of mobile learning technologies for the learning space university? What are feasible models for the integration of informal learning channels into formal, established
structures of higher education? What are the challenges with regard to the internationalization, mobility, and the cooperation among institutions of higher learning? What is the significance of employing Web 2.0 for scientifically substantiated didactical concepts and expectations? How can connectivity be established between existing closed systems and innovative open tools? What is the relationship between the Open Access initiative and existing publication channels and the careers of scientists?

A debate of these and related questions will be at the center of discussion. The exploration of opportunities and concepts for the integration of current developments into existing and proven eLearning implementations within institutions of higher learning constitutes the frame of the conference.
We invite you to participate in the discussion with scientific contributions and practical, solution-oriented concepts and approaches.