ZFHE: Call for Papers “Learning Analytics: Implications for Higher Education” bis 30. Juni verlängert

Der Call for Papers für die Ausgabe 12/1 (“Learning Analytics: Implications
for Higher Education”) wurde bis 30. Juni verlängert – wir freuen uns auf
Ihre Einreichungen!

ZFHE (Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung vol. 12/1) is calling for
contributions for an English-language special issue on “Learning Analytics:
Implications for Higher Education”.

Guest editors are Wolfgang Greller, Ulrich Hoppe & Hendrik Drachsler.
Planned date for publication is February 2017. The following topics are open
for contributions:

(1) Focus on the learner:

* How can learning processes be adapted based on the analysis of
learning-related data?
* Which possible (positive) effects on learner performance can we expect
from using learning analytics and/or educational data mining approaches?
* What are suitable indicators for predicting learning success/failure?
* Which principles and approaches can or should guide the usage, processing
and presentation of analytics results based on person-related data?

(2) Focus on courses and learning design:

* What can learning analytics reveal regarding the use of learning
resources, interactions and participation of learners?
* How to assess if the activities of students are in line with expectations
derived from pedagogical design principles?
* Does learning analytics offer interesting new information to enhance
course evaluation?
* Are teachers ready for exploiting learner data in order to optimise

(3) Focus on the institution:

* What are conditions and/or indicators for learning analytics “readiness”
of HE institutions?
* Can learning analytics help take decisions on when to plan courses and how
to structure programs?
* What are the conditions for sharing learner data within different parts of
a university?
* What measures are necessary at institutional management level to maximise
benefit of learning analytics and what are the potential benefits?
* In what ways can predictive analytics influence future student cohorts?

Extendend Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2016

The complete call is available from the ZFHE website:

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