Call for Papers: Archiving Conference 2013 in Washington

Veranstaltung im Kontext “Digital Archiving”:

IS&T Archiving Conference hinweisen,
2.-5. April 2013 in Washington, DC

Preservation of Digital Assets
• Storage technologies: novel approaches, monitoring, and reliability
• Migration strategies
• Preservation of social media content
• Intellectual property, rights management, and legal aspects
• Standards and guidelines
• Innovative projects and activities

Technical Processes and Workflows
• Digital imaging technologies
• Metadata generation, searching, and indexing
• Quality management, certification, and efficie ncy
• File formats for digital archiving
• Color management in capture and display
• Development of software and tools

Digital Curation
• Prioritizing collections for digital archiving
• Cost models and benefits of preservation
• Digital forensics and data recovery
• Curation of scientific research data
• Strategies for databases and multidimensional data
• Automated review of restricted information

Der Call ist ab sofort zum Download verfügbar unter:

Weitere Informationen zur Konferenz sind auf der IS&T Website zu finden:

Einreichungsschluss für “Abstracts” ist der 15. November 2012
(siehe Call for Papers für weitere Details).

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